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Letter To Mike Murdock

I find absolutely no Biblical basis for your seed faith teachings or your $58.00 Blessing. If you really believed this teaching you would tell the people to sow their seed to whomever they chose and not to you personally. You would not be afraid to follow your own teaching and to tell the people to hear from God for themselves about where to give their money. But this ridiculous teaching has no basis in fact. Money was never associated with seed in the bible. (tune into my blog talk radio program for more on Mike Murdock scams)

You take a few scriptures and twist them to satisfy your own lusts, planes, houses, cars, Rolex watches and whatever your heart desires. You brag about not having crayons. I did not have those crayons and I never missed them.  How do you sleep at night, knowing that you are abusing people and making a mockery of the cross of Christ??

You blaspheme the Holy Spirit by saying He told you things that are not in the bible. It is not the Holy Spirit instructing you, but another spirit. You cannot know God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way and continue to propagate such lies and heresies.

You say may your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth, I wish you no harm, but be careful what you pray for! Do you think that for one minute any unbeliever tuning into your program would want the Jesus you portray! I am embarrassed that television time is wasted by this absolute nonsense! To stand in front of a lost and dying world and brag about your possessions is nothing but PRIDE!

If you ever stopped being a leading fundraiser for so called ministries, most of your invitations would cease. This is a political gospel. You do something for me and I will do something for you. This is not a gospel of love, but a gospel of greed!!  You say “you cannot buy a miracle” but then you proceed to tell people how they can purchase one.

I hope you will take these things to heart. I have written to you before, but have never received an answer. You sent me a lying form letter.Get a money back guarantee from Mike!







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